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                Marble Impression

                MARBLE IMPRESSION

                Marble Impression is a complex collection. It includes porcelain tiles and ceramic wall tiles, and other accessories,  And it contains different sizes and finishes as well.






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                Stone Essence

                STONE ESSENCE

                It looks rough and it touches rough. Different surfaces works in different ways.






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                Unglazed Polished Porcelain Tlie

                SINTERED STONE

                The greater the vitrification, the harder the tile. Unglazed Porcelain Tile in full body or double loading are classic choices of projects.






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                Mar Max

                MAR MAX

                Mar Max is a general collection of big size porcelain tiles in 750x1500 and 900x1800. The bigger size is coming along with rare marble looks and perfect physic performance.






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                Granite Tile

                GRANITE TILE

                Granite tile is a perfect alternatives of natural granite with better slip and stain resistances. Of course, extra hardness on its tough surface.






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                WEEKLY SPECIAL



                Statuario Is The Most Beautiful Pearl In The Collection. Design Is Originated From The Exclusive Italian Natural Marble.
                The Striking Bold Pattern Is An Endorsement Of Luxurious And Exclusive.


                OROBICO GREY

                Orobico Grey Is A Unique Design With A Wild Grey Background. Its Singular Movement  Is Filling The Room With Style Dynamism.


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                Hongyu Group Invests in Tengxian : A Break-Through Expansion

                A NEW FACTORY.

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                Hongyu Ceramics.

                We provide customers with quality products and services.


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